Meet the Developers

Meet the three gentlemen responsible for all your favorite GitHub bugs and features.

PJ Hyett (pjhyett) is one of the two penmen behind popular Ruby and Rails tabloid rag Err the Blog. While not working on GitHub Gems, service integration, or making you rich, he loves rewriting critical parts of the GitHub infrastructure in bash. PJ co-created FamSpam and does not have an iPhone.

Tom Preston-Werner (mojombo) is the author of popular RubyGems Chronic, god, and our very own Grit. He’s also the creator of Gravatar, which sold to Automattic for, like, a bazillion dollars. Tom is in charge of GitHub’s UI and anything that needs rewriting in Erlang.

Chris Wanstrath (defunkt) is me. I like Javascript, brutalist architecture, and shabu-shabu.

Feel free to email any of us:

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