Services Galore

After open sourcing the GitHub services code, we’ve been just floored with the number of pull requests for adding tons of functionality.

We launched the service hooks with just Campfire and Lighthouse and now we support Basecamp, Campfire,, Irc, Email, FogBugz, Jabber, Lighthouse and Twitter!

You can setup these services up by clicking ‘Service Hooks’ under the ‘Admin’ tab for the repositories you own.

Thanks again to the following people (if I’ve forgotten you, please let me know)

  • Blake Mizerany
  • Brandon Keepers
  • Christian Neukirchen
  • El Draper
  • Florian Frank
  • John Nunemaker
  • John Reilly
  • Jorge Bernal
  • Luke Redpath
  • Noah (ngage)
  • Sean O’Brien
  • Tekkub Stoutwrithe
  • W. Andrew Loe III
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