The New, Improved GitHub Gem

While at RubyConf this year, giving my talk and drinking like an idiot with nearly every internet-famous Rubyist out there, I had a great idea. Only my incredible humility prevents me from being able to properly describe the full awesomeness of this idea. While talking with some GitHub users there (which were many - there were tons of ‘Fork You’ sightings, and half the talks had a GitHub URL or Octocat in them at some point), I thought of a pretty useful addition to the github gem tool. So, I coded up a command line version of the network graph information, and it has since been pulled into the official github gem.

I also found out that not too many of the guys I talked to use the github gem, but of those that do, they seem to love it. So, yesterday I did a 20 minute screencast on how to use the github gem itself and our new network additions to it.

The long and the short of it is that the command line tool now has an interface to the network graph api - you can now view a list of all the remotes in your projects network that have commits that you haven’t pulled in yet, and you can list each of those commits and decide if you want to cherry-pick, merge or ignore them.

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