GitHub Rebase #4

Sorry about the delay on this one folks. Enjoy! :)

Stats Breakdown

![](,s,f0f0f0&chm=B,bbccd9,0,0,0&chl=commit:+17945 watch:+4670 follow:+1385 create:+1235 gist:+1119 fork:+893 delete:+698 wiki:+517 member:+448 commitcomment:+221 guide:+5&cht=p3&chs=530x220&chco=336699&chd=s:9PEEDDCBBAA&chtt=GitHub+Rebase+%E2%80%94+Total+Events+%E2%80%94+11/06/2008+to+11/12/2008)                                      
![](,s,f0f0f0&chm=B,bbccd9,0,0,0&chxt=x,y&chxl=0: Th 6 12 18 Fr 6 12 18 Sa 6 12 18 Su 6 12 18 Mo 6 12 18 Tu 6 12 18 We 6 12 18 Fr&cht=lc&chs=530x375&chd=s:nPMTQRPRNNKcMnXciiehcgtbfbXUZQVIVPfVPVYiqnnacmWjlJYMNMMKONPIQOWdSHxWI9LvWRUQSPOOKLNQSTaRWaTYXbdYUYSUPQWLSVUcQecdZoiq0pkifVSXTQQQSSsUYfhdiqbcdhsjsYVbWdROPaSRZaefkqrjiirW&chxr=1,0,424&chco=336699&chtt=GitHub+Rebase+%E2%80%94+Hourly+Events+%E2%80%94+11/06/2008+to+11/12/2008&chxs=1,000000,10,1)

Notable Projects

  • acts_like_git: Crappy name, but this Rails plugin really does some neat stuff. It allows you to essentially wrap a model around a git repository. This plugin has been in the works for a while, but court3nay announced that it’s ready for the world this week. This is definitely an awesome example of collaboration and cooperation on GitHub!
  • activeritalin: I just had to check out this project. This disables @find_by_sql@ to prevent ugly hacks and shortcuts from cropping up in your app. What’s better is that it adds a new method, @find_by_sql_with_excuse@ to really ensure that you have to think twice about it. Who needs coding standards when you can just have a plugin enforce it?
  • roxy: This is a fantastically easy way to make your Ruby code extendable and easier to use. In a manner similar to association extensions and named scopes in Rails, Roxy allows you do define proxy methods on the fly. Check out rwdaigle’s blog post for some more examples.

Active Repos

_. Most Commits _.                   _. Most Watches _.                   _.   _. Most Wikis _.  
dotfiles 174 roxy 44   reactor 7
poolparty 156 hoshi 33   media 5
molinos-cms 130 rails_dev_mode_performance 18   kanodojo 4
echowaves 129 wildflower 17   integral 4
digispeaker 125 yui-examples 16   tuxmate 3

Next week I’m going to start a “Hardcore Forkers” section that will feature users who have been active on the site. Let me know if you have any other ideas for the column.

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