Credential Caching for Wrist-Friendly Git Usage

Smart HTTP is The Future™

A while back, we launched Smart HTTP support for GitHub; this transport for pushing changes to GitHub has a number of benefits over the SSH-based approach, especially for Windows users. The biggest benefit is, instead of setting up an SSH key, you can just type your GitHub username and password.

Credential Caching in Git - Don’t Make Me Type!

However, this approach has always had one major drawback - you have to type your username / password every time, which can get to be a little annoying. One of our users, Andrew Nurse, has come up with a great utility that utilizes Git 1.7.9’s HTTPS Credential Caching support to provide a native password cache for Windows.

With this tool installed, you will only have to type your password once, until you change it. This utility is compatible with GitHub, as well as any other Git repository that supports the Smart HTTP protocol.

Installing the application is easy - just unzip it and double-click the EXEs. Included along with this zip file is GitPad, another helpful utility that changes the Git default commit message editor to whatever your system uses to edit text files (usually Notepad).

(Note that there is no functional difference between the two, only .NET Framework versions)

Where’s the Mac version?

Git Core ships the source code to a sample credential store that uses the native OS X credential cache APIs. Grab the binary here, put it in /usr/local/bin, and run the command git config --global credential.helper osxkeychain to enable it.

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