A lighter, brighter GitHub for Windows

Today we’re happy to share some shiny visual updates to GitHub for Windows. You’ll notice some big layout changes, as well as many small improvements throughout. The result is a lighter and brighter user experience.

GitHub for Windows repository view

History on the left-hand side

Just as we read from left to right, information in apps typically flows from left to right. In the repository view, you’ll now find the list of past commits on the left, and the selected commit to the right.

Wrapping diffs

wrapping diff lines

Not a big fan of horizontal scrollbars? We hope you haven’t bought that fancy dual-scroll mouse, because long diff lines now wrap. You can review changes without having to scroll bi-directionally.

Relative commit times

relative commit times

We’ve moved to using relative times rather than just a date. Relative time is not only time-zone agnostic, but also more relatable than a specific date. The Windows team has people in Australia, Sweden and the US. Our commit history is filled with changes coming in at all hours. We hope folks who work on open-source projects or in distributed teams in general will enjoy this as much as we will.

Grouped actions


Did you know that you can easily jump to a commit on github.com? You’ll now see all actions related to commits grouped together below the commit header, making them easy to discover.

A bit of space

The new design makes great use of typography and white space for grouping and separating elements. Boxes can do a good job of grouping, but they come with the cost of introducing a lot of visual noise.

Hot off the press

If you’ve already got GitHub for Windows installed you’ll get this release delivered as an update. If you don’t it’s available over at our newly updated website windows.github.com. Go check it out and download the latest version.

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