Video from Passion Projects Talk #10 with Dana McCallum

Dana McCallum joined us in January of 2013 for the 10th installment of our Passion Projects talk series. Dana’s talk revealed how she brought her non-tech passions to life through programming. Check out the full video of her talk and our panel discussion below.

Photos from the event

Thanks to everyone who came out for Dana’s talk, including our musical performance for the evening, Running in the Fog.

passionproj_danamccallum-5138 passionproj_danamccallum-5122 passionproj_danamccallum-5754 passionproj_danamccallum-5175 passionproj_danamccallum-5234 passionproj_danamccallum-5740 passionproj_danamccallum-5741 passionproj_danamccallum-5791 passionproj_danamccallum-5783

Photos courtesy of our fab photog :sparkles: Mona Brooks :sparkles: of Mona Brooks Photography.

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