Game Off IV Highlights

Last month, we challenged you to create a game based on the theme hacking, modding, and/or augmenting. For all those that submitted entries, thank you! A little holiday gift will be working its way to your inbox shortly.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorites that you can play, hack on, or learn from. Enjoy!

Sir Jumpelot

Sir Jumpelot » Play in browser · View source

The main character (who has a strong resemblance to Hubot) must survive waves of enemies with some calculated jumping. Be careful: new mods change the game mechanics as you play. Created by @MelvinPoppelaars with Unity and hosted on


Lighting screenshot » Play in browser · View source

This illuminating game is inspired by a couple of real-life hacks on MIT’s Green Building and the Cira Centre in Philadelphia. Created by @hiddenwaffle using three.js, tween.js, and howler.js. Hosted on GitHub Pages.


Muntz screenshot » Play in browser · View source

A puzzle game inspired by the work of TV Pioneer Earl “Madman” Muntz, a TV hacker from the 1950s. Attempt to simplify increasingly complex circuits. Learn a little about American TV and broadcast history in the process. Created by @joemagiv with Unity.

Boxie Coody

Boxie Coody » Play in browser · View source

A Sokoban-like puzzle game, where a friendly bot called Coody teaches you how to complete your work, and it gets more challenging every day. Created by @LastFlower, @LastLeaf, and @tongtongggggg. Graphics created with Inkscape, sound effects created with LMMS and GeneralUser GS. Hosted on GitHub Pages.


Pongout » Play in browser (mobile friendly) · View source

What happens when you remix Pong with Breakout? Pongout! Created by @kurehajime and written in JavaScript. Hosted on GitHub Pages.

Mine Hacker

Mine Hacker » Download · View source

A dungeon-crawling, roguelike Minesweeper game in which you navigate a map of hidden tiles by using the small amount of information provided by the robot’s sensors. Created by @BelowParallelStudios using Unity. Music was created with Bosca Ceoil. Graphics created with Aseprite and GIMP.


Byter » Play in browser · View source · Download

Byter is an open source clicker game, where you have to hack various targets. Created by @KyleBanks with Unity.

Hacking in Progress

Hacking in Progress » Download (Win) · View source

Run around the computer store in this 80s-style stealth hacking game, but be sure to avoid the clerks and security cameras. Created by @flipcoder using their very own open source 2D/3D OpenGL game engine called Qor.


Airplane » Play in browser · View source

Enjoy this one with a friend or coworker as you try to destroy one another’s airplanes. Created by @IonicaBizau. Written in JavaScript and hosted on GitHub Pages.

The Terminal

The Terminal » Download (Windows) · Build from source (All platforms)

A cooperative hacking game in the style of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. One player must hack into a computer terminal, while the other player follows instructions from the manual. Created by @Juzley and @paulo6. Written in Python using Pygame.


Hackshot » Play in browser · View source

A JavaScript coding game where you programmatically control a cannon to take down hordes of incoming enemies. Created by @buch415 using CodeMirror for the code editor and syntax highlighting. Hosted on GitHub Pages.

Code Explorer

Code Explorer » Play in browser · View source

You control a voxel programmer as he (literally) jumps through the program’s code. What will happen when you reach the end? Play to quine out. Created by @michalbe using JavaScript and hosted on GitHub Pages.


Pwnterman » Play in browser · View source

The file suggests it’s the worst game ever made. We beg to differ. This was made in two hours, and it’s controlled with Vim Key Bindings H J K L. What’s not to like? Created by @joshbressers.

Unnamed Hacking Themed Game

Unnamed Hacking Themed Game » Download (Win) · View source

Use various attacks to alter enemy defenses and objects to your advantage in this 2D action platforming game. Created by @DamienPWright using Unity.

Tech Wars

Tech Wars » Play in browser · View source · Download (Win, Mac, Linux)

The team at Vital built a Unity game that introduces a digitally enhanced virus to a tech startup. Help your infected coworkers using your Nerf darts dipped in the antidote.

Mona’s Escape

Mona's Escape » Play in browser · View source

Here’s a small demo where you play as Mona trying to escape a containment cell in Area 51. Watch out for the guards, though. Cat and octopus hybrids are are not well equipped for combat. Created by @joshuashoemaker using Pixi.js

Knot Fun

Knot Fun » View source · Store: Android + iOS

Don’t let the name mislead you. This game about untangling knots is lotsa fun.* Created by @AStox using C#, Unity, and GIMP.

* If you love untangling your earphone cords, Christmas tree lights, kids’ shoelaces, etc.

TPS Report Simulator

TPS Report Simulator » Play in browser · View source

Don’t let your coworkers stop you from hacking all the terminals on your way out the door. Use the red staplers and ISP CDs to your advantage. Created by @bjshively and @spaghettioh using the JavaScript game engine, Phaser. Hosted on Heroku.

Zombie Chess

Zombie Chess » Play in browser · View source

Using open source libraries and frameworks, Gravitywell and friends created a chess game that sees iconic rock musicians fight against contemporary EDM DJs. Built with Meteor.js, Stockfish.js (AI), chessboard.js (UI), and Howler.js (SFX).

Immolation Organization

Immolation Organization » Download from the Apple App Store · Build from source

Take control of a mob that attempts to control a group of bad guys. Created by @EtherTyper, @AnimatorJoe, and @SamHollenbeck from Westlake High School’s Accessible Programming Club using. Created with Swift and SpriteKit. Available too from Apple’s App Store.

Hackable Mi

Hackable Mi » Play in browser · View source

Guide Mi through an array of puzzles and mazes with code. Created by @Vandise and hosted on Heroku.


Octopout » Download (Win) · View source

In this Breakout clone, octopusses have been transformed into metal creatures. Created by @panoramix360, @guilhermekf, @fpjuni, and @stopellileo using GameMaker.

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