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Give students live feedback and scale your assessment with Travis CI Enterprise

Whether you’re using public tests to give students live feedback when they push, or private tests to assess student projects, Travis CI proves pretty powerful for classroom work.

Starting in January 2019, schools participating in GitHub Education will have access to Travis CI Enterprise at no additional cost.

Travis CI Enterprise unlocks unlimited builds for schools that are running GitHub Enterprise on their servers. And, it’s available for free for schools, exclusively through the GitHub Education program.

By participating in GitHub Education, schools have access to:

Apply for GitHub Education at your school

GitHub Classroom celebrates 3M repos with the launch of Classroom Assistant

Teachers tell us they love using GitHub Classroom for deeper insight into student work.

Classroom makes it easy for teachers to set up their courses on GitHub. The tool automatically creates student repositories, and allows you to track assignments right from your dashboard.

It’s helped teachers at Loyola Marymount, Cal Poly, Rice University, and Johns Hopkins use real-world workflows in their courses. In the words of one teacher: “GitHub Classroom takes the intimidation out of using GitHub for noobs.”

As of this week, students have submitted over three million coding assignments using Classroom.

Thank you, Classroom Assistant

But when you have dozens—or even hundreds—of students’ work to grade, you need a simple way to get every repository into one place. Manually cloning each repository eats up precious hours you could spend with students.

Now you can save time and get right to the code. Classroom Assistant allows you to easily download all the repositories in your course.

Signing in to GitHub to use Classroom Assistant

Downloading assignments in GitHub Classroom Assistant

It’s a cross-platform desktop application, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download 500 student assignments—or more—to your local machine with the click of a button.

Install Classroom Assistant or learn more about Classroom

Level up your school projects with Algolia, GitKraken Glo, Heroku, and JetBrains

GitHub Student Developer Pack welcomes Algolia, GitKraken Glo, Heroku, and JetBrains

New tools added to the GitHub Student Developer Pack will make your projects ship faster, shine with robust features, and help you stand out from the crowd.

These powerful new additions are free with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, so you can start the school year off right:

  • Algolia’s APIs will help you build search functionality in your projects
  • Heroku provides a super-easy cloud platform to get your apps online for the whole world to enjoy
  • JetBrains gives you a suite of IDEs to help you conquer your coding assignments

On top of that, our friends at GitKraken added Glo Boards, their issue and task tracker, to help you stay on top of your school work.


Does your app have search functionality? Why not add it with Algolia.

Algolia is a search API that gives developers a complete toolkit for building search into their products—from front end libraries to back end frameworks and API clients. Now that they’re included with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you’ll get 100,000 records for your index, and one million indexing operations monthly for free (a value of $150 monthly).

Build out discoverability features for your app so your users can find what they’re looking for.

Examples of Algolia Instant Search for e-commerce, media, and tourism

Get Algolia

GitKraken Glo

Keeping track of everything you need to do for class can be a chore, and group projects can be especially challenging. That’s where GitKraken Glo comes in with the easiest way to track tasks from inside the GitKraken Git Client, a browser, mobile apps, or even Atom and VS Code. Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues to help visualize your to-do list in a workflow or calendar view. Track individual and team progress, and use @mentions to keep everyone on task.

GitKraken Glo

GitKraken offers these legendary task tracking boards with GitHub Issue sync, free for 1 year (normally $49 yearly) through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Get GitKraken Glo


If you’re building a web application at a hackathon, Heroku is your new best friend. The cloud-based, platform as a service (PaaS) gives you everything you need to do your best work. This includes a fully-managed runtime environment, coupled with a wide range of tools and built-in services. Build apps with the language or framework of your choice. It’s a great place to practice popular architectural patterns or collaborate with other students. For example, developers use the “review apps” feature to share changes immediately with every commit to GitHub. Because Heroku takes care of DevOps, you can focus on becoming a better developer.

All Heroku applications run in a collection of lightweight Linux containers called dynos. With the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you’ll get a Hobby Dyno to run small projects for up to 2 years (valued at $84 yearly).

Get Heroku


These integrated development environments will change your life. If you’re learning Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Go, or .NET, you can quickly get started with ease using professional developer tools from JetBrains.

With the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you get a free year-long subscription to all JetBrains desktop tools, including IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PyCharm Professional, CLion, and Rider. As long as you remain a student, you’re welcome to renew your Student License for free.

Get JetBrains

Commit to your career as a 2019 summer intern

Apply to be a GitHub Intern

Apply to be a GitHub Intern for Summer 2019

Spend your summer at GitHub HQ, work on real projects, and learn from experienced Hubbers. Internships are 10-week-long paid opportunities in San Francisco during summer 2019. We welcome all students enrolled in a university, community college, associate, or graduate school program. International students are encouraged to apply.

Apply for an internship

“This internship was absolutely amazing…”

Srinjoy from the University of Texas shipped several new features to GitHub Classroom, including a new Electron app. Nothing can beat the general enthusiasm and support of Hubbers, according to him, except maybe the dogs.

All the Hubbers here are super encouraging and are always willing to help with any questions you have. Also having dogs in the office is the best thing ever 🐶

Bex worked on the open source project Probot, a framework for building GitHub Apps, and expanded their network by writing posts for the GitHub Blog, and giving a workshop about GitHub Apps at HQ.

And you can’t beat working at GitHub’s headquarters in San Francisco…

GitHub interns having a wheely good time

Apply for the 2019 Internship Program

Apply directly on our website for 2019 summer internship positions. Or sign up to hear news about future internships.

Join our next class of Campus Experts

It’s been two years since the first cohort of student leaders became GitHub Campus Experts. In that time, more than 100 Campus Experts in 20 countries have made their campuses a better place to learn about technology. As GitHub Interns, they have built tech communities in Africa, organized inclusive conferences, and shipped amazing projects.

GitHub Campus Experts at MLH Hackcon

Now it’s your turn! If you’re a student—age 18 or older—using the Student Developer Pack, you’re eligible to apply for the next class of Campus Experts. Once accepted, you can access the Campus Experts training and develop skills in public speaking, workshop design, and community management. You will also receive training and mentorship from GitHub employees, opportunities to participate in exclusive events, and support to help you grow the developer community at your school.

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