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Speak at GitHub Universe: three weeks left to submit proposals


Katrina is an Open Source Advocate at GitHub. As a frequent speaker and proposal reviewer for conferences like GitHub Universe, she’s seen hundreds of speaker proposals—and written a few as well.

GitHub Universe is returning to San Francisco this fall, and we’re looking for new voices to lead our breakout sessions. Your stories are unique, and having lived them, you’re the best person to share your insights with others. If you’re new to speaking, don’t let that stop you. We’re more interested in your experience solving problems than how many talks you’ve given.

With our submission deadline approaching on July 28, we’re inviting you to share your session idea with us. Speakers will receive an honorarium and travel accommodations to make sure budget isn’t a limiting factor in your decision to participate.

Submit a speaker proposal

How to make your speaker proposal stand out

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you refine your speaker proposal.

Put your audience first.

Identify who can benefit most from your story. Even if it’s a first-person experience, tell it to those individuals in a way that helps them connect with it. Make them feel like they’re a part of your experience by framing it in terms of similar experiences they might have and what they can do with the information you’re sharing.

Set the stakes.

Establish a problem you’re addressing and why people should care. This is separate from the solution. Your audience will only care about a solution if you set up the problem in a way that helps them understand it and apply it to their experiences.

Work towards a solution.

After your audience understands the problem, help them understand how to approach it and what’s novel about your approach. It’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out, but make your experience actionable for others and describe possible solutions.

For more tips, check out Sarah Mei’s “What Your Conference Proposal is Missing”.

A few of my favorite Universe 2016 sessions

There were a lot of memorable sessions last year, but these ones stood out as particularly impactful.

Anjuan Simmons, “Lending Privilege”

Anjuan takes the often divisive topic of privileged and marginalized groups in technology, and puts each audience member on both sides of the divide. He makes the topic relevant to everyone and leaves nobody feeling like they’re to blame. After reframing and providing a place where we can stand together, he helps us look ahead with practical, actionable advice. It’s a thoughtful, insightful talk that the audience continued to discuss throughout the conference.

Keavy McMinn, “GitHub Integrations”

Keavy sets the stage by telling stories about specific ways that GitHub’s OAuth applications have caused frustration and failures. Whether you’ve experienced the problems yourself or not, you’ll nod in sympathy and wince in empathy. Then she goes on to share the hero’s journey of designing and implementing GitHub Apps, which solve many of the OAuth app frustrations. It’s a story full of trials, blind canyons, and yaks—as an audience member, it’s easy to think “this could be me”, because every technical project has its tribulations. And the outcome of it all is a way for each of us to build something a new way, whether it’s to scratch an itch or fix a thorny problem.

Pamela Vickers, “Crossing the Canyon of Cognizance: A Shared Adventure”

Pamela opens with the controversy that arose when Bloomberg asserted that “Everyone should learn to code”. Drama is effective in catching audience attention, especially drama that they likely already have strong opinions about. She picks apart the major patterns in the disagreement and concludes that everyone shouldn’t necessarily learn to code, but everyone should be able to learn to code if they want to. She frames the problem statement masterfully and connects it to the audience. She then goes on to describe the stages of learning, illustrating the common modes of failure, and what we can do differently to support and encourage learners at each stage.

See more of last year’s sessions

Learn more about speaker topics and tips

Watch this year's GitHub Satellite sessions

Over 600 people made their way to London and attended our second GitHub Satellite last month. From new developers to seasoned software entrepreneurs, attendees came together for two days of discovering information, skills, and people to make their projects even better.


GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath began the day by sharing some new developments from around the GitHub Universe—including the launch of GitHub Marketplace, a new way to find tools that improve your workflow.

Then team members from Zalando, SAP, HSBC, Bloomberg, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation led sessions in “Build” and “Grow” tracks to share how how they’ve built tools and communities around the world. If you didn’t get to hear from our Satellite speakers, the session videos are now available for you to watch on your own time.

Experience the Satellite Sessions

To see more of GitHub Satellite, watch our wrap-up video:

If you want to expand your orbit beyond Satellite, early bird tickets for GitHub Universe are on sale now. GitHub’s three-day flagship conference is returning to San Francisco in October with more hands-on workshops and an after-party.

Learn more about GitHub Universe

Mission Report: GitHub Constellation

GitHub Constellation June 6, 2017

先週の始め、東京で GitHub Constellation イベントが初めて開催されました。ソフトウェアに対して熱い思いを抱く 200 人の方が参加し、GitHub のエンジニア、お客様、またパートナー様による話を聞きました。参加できなかった方々に向けて、イベントのハイライトをお伝えします!


julio japan

最初に、日本のカントリーマネージャーを務める藤田純と共に GitHub の最高業務責任者である Julio Avalos がステージに上がり基調講演を行いました。Julio は、日本のマーケットに対する GitHub のコミットメントに関して繰り返し言及し、日本では毎日 18 万人以上が GitHub を利用していることを示しました。また最近の製品ローンチに関する最新情報を提供し、ソフトウェア開発ツールをすべての人が利用できるようにする、という GitHub の目標について述べました。その後、長谷部良輔氏がステージに登場し、LINE で GitHub Enterprise を利用している経験について語りました。


Constellation の出席者は、2 つのトラックでビジネスリーダーやテクニカルリーダーから話を聞きました。テクニカルセッションでは、Ruby のコミッターでエンタープライズ向けにクラウドサービスを提供する企業 Treasure Data のソフトウェア開発者である中村浩士氏(@nahi)による、エンタープライズソフトウェア開発での OSS の捉え方に関する包括的なディスカッションも行われました。Attractor Inc. の最高技術責任者、吉羽龍太郎氏は「ビジネスでの DevOps」という話の中で、ビジネスパーソンが DevOps の取り組みにどのように関わるかについて考察しました。話の中で、絶えず変化し続ける環境に対応してビジネスの効率を高めるための手段としてDevOpsが取り上げられました。話の最後で、吉羽氏は、なぜ DevOps がソフトウェア開発者に限らずビジネスパーソンとも関係するのかを説明しました。 また、藤田純が、Yahoo! Japan、サイバーエージェント、富士通研究所のお客様をステージに招き、各企業が実施しているソフトウェア開発へのアプローチに関してディスカッションを行いました。ディスカッションの中心となったのは、ソフトウェア開発のプラクティスおよびプロセスのさらなる向上のために、組織が取り組む必要のある文化的な変化についてでした。

GitHub meetup


メインイベントの前に、GitHub コミュニティの皆様を招いて、Super Deluxe で交流イベントを開催しました。XTREME DESIGN、KDDI、Slack の各社からの講演者による啓発的な話が行われ、その後ビデオアーティストの高橋啓治郎氏 が Unity と GitHub を使ったオープンソースビジュアルアートのパフォーマンスをステージで繰り広げました。


最後に、GitHub の日本のコミュニティ、およびスポンサーのクラスメソッド様、Constellation をご支援いただき感謝申し上げます。次回の開催を楽しみにしております。今年米国を訪れるご予定がありましたら、GitHub Universe でぜひお会いしましょう

Mission Report: Constellation Tokyo 2017

Last week, we hosted our first ever GitHub Constellation event in Tokyo. 200 software enthusiasts joined us to hear talks from GitHub engineers, customers and partners. In case you missed it, here are some highlights!


We started with a keynote by GitHub’s Chief Business Officer, Julio Avalos, who was joined onstage by Japan Country Manager Jun Fujita. Julio reiterated GitHub’s commitment to the Japanese market, and revealed that there are over 180k people using GitHub daily in Japan. He also shared updates on recent product launches, and stated GitHub’s goal of making software development tools accessible to everyone. Later, Ryosuke Hasebe took the stage to share his experience using GitHub Enterprise at LINE.

Session highlights

Constellation attendees heard talks from business and technical leaders in two tracks. The technical sessions included a comprehensive discussion of how to think about OSS in enterprise software development by Hiroshi Nakamura (@nahi), Ruby committer and software developer at enterprise cloud services company Treasure Data. In his “DevOps for business” talk, Ryutaro Yoshiba, CTO of Attractor Inc., discussed how business people can get involved in DevOps efforts. His talk focused on DevOps as an effort to increase the efficiency of businesses to adapt to ever-changing environments.

Jun Fujita also lead a discussion on stage with customers from Yahoo! Japan, CyberAgent and Fujitsu Labs to explore how they each approach software development. Much focus was on the cultural changes that organizations need to undertake in order to advance software dev practices and processes.

GitHub meetup

Before the main event, we opened our doors to the GitHub community by hosting a meetup at Super Deluxe, where speakers from XTREME DESIGN, KDDI, and Slack gave lightning talks before video artist Keijiro Takahashi took the stage to show off some of the open source visual art he makes using Unity and GitHub.

Thank you

Finally, thank you to our Japanese community, and to our sponsor, ClassMethod, for supporting Constellation—we’ll be back! If you plan to be in the US later this year, we’d love to see you again at GitHub Universe.

Patchwork Guadalajara

Patchwork logo

Join us for a Patchwork in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico! This evening workshop is open to Git and GitHub beginners, as well as mentors who want to help others learn. We’ll have stickers for everyone and a little something extra for the mentors, so we hope to see you there!


GitHubbers and community mentors will be on hand to walk the attendees through their choice of learning modules:

  • GitHub 101: Introduction to GitHub
  • GitHub 102: Using the GitHub Desktop
  • GitHub 103: Using the Command Line

No coding experience needed

Patchwork is a self-directed, hands-on workshop for learning Git and GitHub. The atmosphere is casual and informal—it’s not an event full of presented tutorials and copious note-taking. You will be able to go at your own pace with the help of a community mentor nearby in case you run into any trouble. Join us for a night of hacking and snacking and make some new friends while you’re at it!

Newcomers to Git and GitHub: you’ll leave with a merged pull request, a square on your contributions graph, and the confidence to get more involved in the open source community.

Mentors: if you’ve ever had a pull request merged, now is your chance to share the love and help someone else create magic. :sparkles:


  • For: Beginners to Git and GitHub
  • When? June 29, 2017 6:30-9:30 p.m.
  • Where? Wizeline, Mariano Otero 408-B1, Col. Jardines del Sol, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This facility is wheelchair-accessible
  • RSVP:

If you do not yet have a GitHub account, we ask that you sign up at before you attend the event. It’s fast, easy, and of course, free. This way you’ll be ready to go right out of the gate.

We will provide food and refreshments. If you have any food allergies, please let us know during registration.

¡Únete a nosotros; seremos los anfitriones de un Patchwork en la hermosa Guadalajara, México! Dicho evento estará enfocado a personas sin experiencia con Git y GitHub así como a aquellos que quieren ayudar a otros a aprender. Tendremos stickers para todos y algo extra para los mentores, así que esperamos verte ahí.


GitHubbers y mentores estarán presentes para apoyar a los invitados a través de las opciones de aprendizaje que escojan:

  • GitHub 101: Introducción a GitHub
  • GitHub 102: Usando el cliente de escritorio de GitHub
  • GitHub 103: Usando la línea de comando

No se requiere experiencia previa creando código.

Patchwork es un taller práctico autodirigido para aprender Git y GitHub. La atmósfera es casual e informal; no es un evento saturado de tutoriales y dictado. Tendrás la oportunidad de ir a tu propio ritmo y contarás con la posibilidad de recibir ayuda de un mentor en caso de que tengas problemas. Únete a nosotros en una noche de hacking, botanas y haz nuevos amigos!

Recién llegados al mundo de Git y GitHub: ustedes se irán con un pull request aceptado, un cuadrito en tu gráfica de contribuciones, y confianza para involucrarte en la comunidad Open Source.

Mentores: si alguna vez les han aceptado un pull request, esta es su oportunidad de compartir ese cariño y ayudar a alguien más a crear magia. ✨


  • Para: Principiantes en Git y GitHub.
  • ¿Cuando? Junio 29, 2017 6:30-9:30 p.m.
  • ¿En dónde? Wizeline, Mariano Otero 408-B1, Col. Jardines del Sol, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Las instalaciones son accesibles en silla de ruedas.
  • RSVP:

Si aún no tienes una cuenta en GitHub te pedimos que por favor te registres en antes de acudir al evento. Es un proceso rápido, sencillo y por supuesto, gratis. De esa manera estarás listo para asistir sin problemas.

Proveeremos de comida y bebidas. Si tienes alguna alergia a ciertos alimentos, por favor háznoslo saber cuando hagas tu reservación.

Las instalaciones son accesibles en silla de ruedas.

San Francisco: show us your open source work!

It’s time for Open Source Show and Tell! This Friday, June 9th, stop by the Google Launchpad in San Francisco to share your open source work and learn from others.


We’re partnering with Keen IO to host the fourth annual Open Source Show and Tell—an afternoon of talks from open source community members. Food and drinks will be provided.

The event lasts from 1-5 p.m. Whether you’re new to open source or a seasoned veteran, grab a ticket (it’s free!) and join us! And if you’ve got something to show, submit a talk. All open source-related topics are welcome.


Location: Google Launchpad, 301 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (view map)
Time: 1-5 p.m. Friday, June 9, 2017



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